Kwano in Plettenberg Bay has done exceptional work to empower their young community. Using education and cycling as a catalyst , they've uplifted and transformed this historically disadvantaged community and its young people. 

Their mission was to build a facility and an environment in the Kwanokathula community that delivered 3 key elements:

1. After School Academic Program.

2. Post High School Technical Training.

3. Cycling Coaching Program.

And they've done just that. Not only are children finding their love for cycling, they have a safe environment to finish their academic work - cycling is the reward. They strive to create a culture of continuous improvement where their core values are integrity, accountability, respect and commitment. 

What we love about Kwano is that they focus on young women too. I've had the privilege of teaching some skills clinics and chatting to the kids about their goals and ambitions. What struck me is their commitment and drive to improving themselves in every sense. Wether they were being gutsy on their bikes, trying new obstacles, or behind their computer screens in the Kwano classroom, there was a strong sense of encouragement for one another, and most importantly, for family. 

Kwano relies solely on donations of any kind. If you have kit, clothing, bikes, components, money or time to give, please get in touch with their wonderful organization. If you'd like to donate physical kit please get in touch and we'll organize the courier free of charge. 

The academy changed my life totally. I was introduced to many new things… a healthy lifestyle, cycling, natural beauty of the Garden Route and many new people. The academy also prepared me to be successful… not just cycling, but self discipline, respect, value of hard work, teamwork. I am the person that I am because of the teachings and training from the Academy and am so grateful to the founders who were there to make it happen. I salute you and  will never forget how you opened our eyes to a brighter future and showed us that nothing is impossible if you work hard." - Isaac Gumede (Tumi), Senior Clerk in the Vehicle Registration department at the Bitou Council. 

The Kwano Academy truly changes lives. To find out more about Kwano cycling academy and what they have to offer you can visit the link below: 


Written by Nicky Giliomee